Below are a few short exercises that you may complete after reading through this website. There are three options - A, B, and C - that are all designed to enhance your understanding of the material presented, and are separated so that teachers may choose the assignment(s) best suited to their class.

Assignment A: Short Answer Questions

This assignment involves a few brief questions about the content on this website.

Assignment B: Graphing Long-Term Data

This assignment lets students graph the long-term warbler data using Excel. For this you will need to download a pdf file with the questions, an Excel file with the data, and a pdf file with instructions on how to make graphs in Excel.

Assignment C: Interactive Population Simulation Model

This assignment lets students simulate what would happen to the number of Black-throated Blue Warblers on the study plot with changes in food, predators, and the strength of density-dependence. First download the instructions and questions and then proceed to the simulations page.

Finally, teachers can click here for answer keys, a more advanced assignment, and information on National Science Standards (contact the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation for password access,


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